DeepNEX Machine Intelligence Platform

AI-aaS machine intelligence platform integrating machine learning, deep learning and knowledge graph based on Docker technology


Distributed deep learning management platform component supporting multiple deep learning frameworks based on Docker technology


Distributed machine learning components support multiple machine learning models for automatic modeling and automatic parameter tuning


Knowledge graph visual analysis component for massive multi-source data mining and interactive exploration

Industry Solutions

The machine intelligence team provides you with fast, efficient and intelligent industry solutions for multiple industries

Intelligent Manufacturing

Supplychain Management

Predictive Maintenance

Demand & Supply Forecast

Customer Loyalty Analysis

(We provide AI-driven solutions)

Smart Transportation

Abnormal Detection of Traffic Data

Traffic Data Visualization

Traffic Congestion Analysis

Logistics Optimization

(We provide AI-driven solutions)

Smart Finance

Financial Product Recommendation & Precise Marketing

Anti-Money Laundering/Anti-Fraud

Financial Product Recommendation

Company Friendliness Analysis

(We provide AI-driven solutions)

Intelligent Communication

Call Plan Recommendation System

User Analysis

Forecasting Customer Churn Analysis

CDR Data Analysis

(We provide AI-driven solutions)

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